New Website – Come On Over ;)

Hey Darlings!

I hope everyone’s summer has been hot and pleasant! But, the time has come for me to move forward! I will no longer be blogging from this site –; however, I will leave it on the web so others can continue to find inspiration here!

I’m so excited to share that today I’ve officially launched my website and blog at

Of course, I still want YOU following and getting your doses of inspiration, so come over to check it out, subscribe to it, and share with another!

It’s been a beautiful journey here at “A Model Of Life” and I’ve been SO grateful for the opportunity to have contributed your lives in a positive way! Be blessed!


If We Can Just Remember The Good Things

 I woke up this morning LATE (3am); I set my alarm for 12:37am to get up and do some work but apparently my iPhone alarm failed me (code for: I didn’t hear it going off, I slept right through it smh lol).

However, I woke up this morning with a determined mind to complete my tasks that I neglected the previous day. After taking a break from some research and practicing my piano, I began to talk to God. Sitting on my aging piano stool wrapped in my blanket, I walked down memory lane thinking about the things that God has done for me. 

Meeting supermodel Beverly Johnson. 

Moving to Brooklyn. 

Receiving my new hearing aids for FREE! 

The list can honestly go on forever. 

But, I also remembered the mistakes I’ve made because I didn’t understand who God really is, His character. And many times, I was so focused on my circumstances that I would forget all the things He’s done for me, the cool experiences I’ve had, and the things I’ve accomplished. And truth be told, we ALL do that sometimes.

We forget the things that we’ve accomplished. We forget the things that He’s done. Old memories, we call them. But, they are the good things. We must remember them. It’s imperative that we do. Why? Because they are the joys that give us the strength to keep going.

And it’s even more crucial that we remember what God has done (there is a divine plan whether we have possessed all the pieces to them or not). When we do remember those great things God has done, take into account that if He did it before, He’ll do it again! Even so, if God has brought your dreams to life before, then the many other dreams that you have – God is surely able to bring them to LIFE! 

That’s why it’s important to remember those good things

The Good Things. Remember them. 😉

    Attire: Dress – Maison Jules

            Sneakers: Gap

Oh for my followers and TALL WOMEN who may live in Denver, remember in my previous blog post discussing my collaboration with Long Tall Sally, the retailer British brand for apparel and accessories for tall women? Well they are having their Grand Opening TOMORROW in Denver which is super exciting! This is definitely something you should attend and add some dope items to your wardrobe, so GO! See below for the deets! 😊

Long Tall Sally – apparel and accessories specifically designed for tall women – will celebrate its grand opening party at the Denver Pavilions on Thursday, June 11th from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Join host Georgia Benjou, fashion expert and also editor of 5280 Magazine, at a ribbon cutting ceremony and party with styling tips and tricks for all guests. Plus, win a $500 gift card, enjoy photo opps and treats, take home a gift bag, and receive special savings throughout the evening.
Long Tall Sally – Grand Opening Party Denver Pavilions / 16th Street Mall / Unit 252 (next to Barnes and Noble) Thursday, June 11th 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Making the Shift in My Life: Long Tall Sally Edition

  Hello darlings!

Long time, no write! Lol!

I know it’s been a minute since my last blog post, but a break was needed. Sometimes life begins spinning and before it spins out of control, I’ve learned to take a step back and examine my surroundings. From that approach, I’ve gained much clarity of where I’m at, where I came from, and where I want to go. 

I’m a “MAKE IT HAPPEN” person and I’ve done just that in all of my accomplishments. But, the fulfillment wasn’t there anymore – my soul was longing for greater, greater than what I could ever imagined or attained thus far. 

You know, I thought I had it ALL figured out. But, nope. Not at all. 

Everything came to a halt. It’s been a “NOW WHAT?” moment.

However, I’m giving myself permission to change. Permission to make the shift. Permission to satisfy my soul’s longing.  And of course, change isn’t easy – this transition is rather ughhhh. Yet, I am excited on embarking another journey.

But, bear with me as I shift into the next phase of my life. I pray that as I change for the better and greater, you will be encouraged to do the same if necessary. 😊

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Long Tall Sally with their TTYA x Long Tall Sally capsule collection which is super amazing! Many of you may remember me blogging about them earlier this year – a brand for tall women! However,  I’ve gotten my hands on (well my body lol) on the dopest items from the collection in which you see in the pics – PERFECT for Spring and Summer! I’m wearing the Powder Blue Culotte (pants) and Powder Blue Crop Top – my new FAVORITE staples in my closet that every girl needs too! And of course, I had to add my own twist to my attire! So I recommend you all to check this collection out from Long Tall Sally and have fun making the changes in your life and in your wardrobe 😉

Attire: Denim Jacket – Men’s Levi

            Shoes – GAP

            Crop Top – TTYA x Long Tall Sally

            Culotte – TTYA x Long Tall Sally

Killing the StreetStyle: Grandma Edition

  Hey darlings!

Yesterday, I was such a BEAUTIFUL day in the city – what spring is really about it! It’s been such a longggg winter that I was beginning to believe that we might not see the beauty of spring; I’m sure many of you can agree as well. There was a slight breeze in the midst of the sunny day, so I couldn’t get too excited and walk out the house half naked as I saw many people did! But who could blame them? We’re all desperate for some warm change in the weather. Needless to say, I’m still in my tomboyish mood but I still wanted to keep it chic. Therefore, I decided to wear these rugged-knee denim rolled up to give me a James Dean look and pair it up with this beautiful blouse that belonged to my late grandmother who passed away last July. You know, I’m not sure if grieving ever gets better because when I begin to think about all the deaths in my family, I just tear up. I miss my grandmother so much – I miss her feistiness, sass, love, and of course, her amazing cooking. I hope she’s proud of the woman that I’ve become, looking down from heaven. And I hope to honor her with this take in wearing her blouse. Be inspired 😉 Miss you Grandma! Xoxo

Attire: Blouse – My Grandmother

            Jeans: H&M 

           Boots: Target


When Cool Meets Chic: #ThenewBR Fashion Event


Hey darlings,

Last week I attended the Grand Opening of the new Banana Republic Flagship Store in the Flatiron district which was super amazing being hosted by designer Marissa Webb, Jamie Chung, and Christene Barberich! It was a night full of fun, fashion, and good people – it was good time! Of course, some of the who’s who in the fashion world was there so it was great meeting other dope people such as different creative directors, bloggers, stylists, models, and even those who lived in the neighborhood.  I love meeting new people – oddly enough because I used to be extremely shy and still am to some degree (I know you don’t believe me smh)! But, the highlight of the night for me was meeting and having fun with Marissa Webb AND Jamie Chung! Seriously what is happening in my life?! To those who don’t know, designer Marissa Webb is the NEW creative director for the Banana Republic brand in which the new collection, the #newBR, is now available! Of course, I LOVE the new collection AND Marissa Webb! This spring you can expect an array of blues for both the men and women – their signature cobalt blue will surely grab your attention! Black and white will never get old nor will a crisp tailored look from Banana Republic. Honestly, this cool meets chic collection will be a must in your Spring wardrobe. Seriously. But, check take a look through my eyes on such a glamorous evening and be sure to add some pieces to your closet from Banana Republic’s new collection!

Attire: Faux Leather Jacket – Target

           Blouse – H&M 

           Cardigan – Macy’s

            Jeans – H&M 

           Shoes – Macy’s

  Just a taste of the festivities! Food, drinks, fashion, and good music!


This picture alone makes me want to buy EVERYTHING from this collection!! 

 I. Just. Love. It. Dresses. Skirts. Leather Pastel Leather Jackets. Peach blouses. Can a girl ask for more??

 Men, are you ready for the denim and jackets from their Heritage collection?!

 Oh, just goofing around with Marissa Webb and Jamie Chung! Can you say dream come true?! 🙂 

 Met another fellow model, Bryan, who’s from St. Louis like me!!! What’s uppppp! But, isn’t he and his beard gorgeous though!!


Yeaaaaaaaa #FashionInsider