The Beginning: Luxuries of Your Legacy

My first blog. Where shall I begin?


I know.

There is a beginning.  And there is an end.

We, naturally, can agree on a “beginning” such as a birth, a new family, or a new job.  But, we can’t always agree on the ending. Why? Because we never know how it will end.  Recently, I lost a dear professor, Royzell Dillard, at my alma mater (Hampton University) who activated the beginning of my music career.  He saw my greatness and challenged me to meet my greatness; I am forever grateful to have met such an incredible soul and musical genius.  However, I am not a rare soul whose life he touched, but rather, I am one of a multitude of lives that he touched during his life on this earth. Yes, Dillard was born years ago and he left this earthly life last Thursday, but it was his journey that made his ending so profound.  So often, we consume ourselves with the excitement of a new beginning, which is absolutely great; however, sometimes we forget that after the hype [of a new beginning] dies down, it’s the journey that counts.  It’s the journey that develops our character and forces us to stay true to ourselves.  It’s the journey where we are given the opportunity to make an impact on others.  It’s the journey where we reap the luxuries of life (although you have to sow them in first because you reap what you sow…and that’s another story).  But, answer me this:  How are you leaving your legacy?  Is your journey going to connect your beginning and your end?  Don’t ask me; I’m working on it.  However, I do know that your beginning leaves clues to your present state and future and your future leaves clues to your ending. No, we cannot plan our ending, but we can shape the greatness or lack thereof of our ending.  This is the beginning of my blog and I don’t know how it’s going to end, but this journey from here on out, I strive to make it a long-lasting, profound blog.

There is a beginning. There is a journey. And there is an end.

7 thoughts on “The Beginning: Luxuries of Your Legacy

  1. Tiffini says:

    I’m so happy you were able to start your journey today! The beginning of something phenomenonal :). I’m so proud of you!
    LOVE YA!


  2. Deidre says:

    I am so proud of you! Very profound and very inspirational. I was there for you in the BEGINNING and I’ll be here til the END. Love you Honey. xoxoxo

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