How Luxurious: Giving up isn’t an option

I want to be grand.

I am going to be grand.

I am grand.

A model. A performer. A conductor.

These are things that I desire to be grand at.  What do you want to be grand at? So often, we desire things or careers in our paths, but, it never looks so easy to reach the desire of our destinations. Our dreams and desires are like mountains, but we keep slipping and sliding just to get to the top!  I’ve found through my experiences that there are obstacles that have blurred my visions and even massive barriers that prevent me from elevating to the next level. For example, I’m a musician, specifically a pianist and some nights (Note that I said night because I am NOT a morning person!), I JUST DO NOT FEEL LIKE PRACTICING MY PIANO!!!!! But, then I go attend an open mic night and listen to the pianist play beautifully, creating this brilliant vision with the devout bonding of his fingers and piano keys and I have the nerve to get mad at him because he can play better than me! Ironically, my own lack of discipline is preventing me from mastering my own craft. That’s just an example, so don’t dwell on it too long. However, sometimes when we lose sight of our visions for our future, we create unproductive statuses of our present.  We get distracted. We lose hope. Things don’t go the way we had planned.  But, you know what? In life, things aren’t always going to go HOW and WHEN we planned; trust me I know. Do I like it? No. Do I have to accept it? Yes.  My darlings, I’ve learned that we can’t let our circumstances control our future.  WE have the power to change what is present, but that’s only if we WANT to change it.  You can’t give up today because you didn’t get that dream job yesterday.  You should be in preparation mode if your dream hasn’t happen today.  Don’t let people, including family and friends, lack of discipline, irresponsibility, or anything else cause you to give up on a dream, a dream to be grand. But ask yourself: what excuses am I living? And DON’T tell me because I don’t want to hear your excuses!

Giving up isn’t an option.

A model. A performer. A conductor.

Those are what I want to be; those are what I am going to be; better yet, those are who I am. And I’m not giving up. What do you want to be?


“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”


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