Celebrating what we do HAVE is a luxury

All over the world, we all are celebrating the holidays, whether its Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever holiday that holds a special place in your heart.  It’s a time where we gather with our families and friends to eat, laugh, and love: creating lifelong memories.

This past Saturday on Christmas Eve, I attended church with my family which we participated in a candlelight ceremony and communion.  From there, the pastor gave an awesome message but what stood out to me was his statement how many of us get bent out of shape for what we don’t have, but instead we need to start celebrating what we do have. PAUSE.

*By the way, I am devouring my delicious Mac ‘n cheese which is why it is taking me forever to write this post…Lord*


Every Christmas, my little brother and I would wake up to a BA-GAZILLION presents orchestrated neatly under our Christmas tree, but this year was different: we didn’t have a BA-GAZILLION presents.  At first, I thought it wasn’t going to be a good Christmas, but then as the day went on, through visiting my cousin’s house on my mother’s side and my grandma’s house on my dad’s side, I realized Christmas wasn’t about the gifts.  Christmas can’t be “bad” because I didn’t get a BA-GAZILLION presents; it’s only “bad” if I let it to be “bad.”  And Christmas can’t be “bad” because of things I don’t have.

Christmas was AMAZING, not because of what I didn’t have, but because of what I DID have.  I have plenty of food; I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, friends and sisters to act completely insane with.  And I have an amazing family who are full of smiles, laughs, and joy.  Yes, we don’t always get along, but I am apart of something that can never change: a bloodline.

Well, darlings, let us not go into the new year moping about what we do not have, for there is always someone who has it worse than us.  Think about what you DO have and let that bring you joy.  You may not have the money, clothes, or house that you want, but don’t lose your mind over that.  You know better; you are much stronger than you think.

So today, I encourage you to start celebrating what you do have 🙂


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