2012: My Year of Manifestation

Happy New Year darlings!!!

I’m so excited for 2012!  I believe with all my heart, mind, and soul that this year will be a year of manifestation!

Overall, 2011 was a year of transition for me (it sucked…LOL!). I’ve physically moved for THE umpteenth time, grown spiritually, lost relationships (family and friends, or should I say ex-friends now), followed my dreams, went broke, took closer steps to saying “I love you” to people (it still makes my skin cringe..smh), suffered persecution, and much much more.  Although I had some great times, particularly moving to New York to follow my dreams,  I had plenty of downfalls.  Some were bearable, some unbearable, but somehow I made it through 2011.

It’s funny because as I have matured throughout 2011, I hated “going through” and reaching the end.  But, now after all that I’ve experienced in 2011, I just happen to love “the end” now. Why? Because every end has a new beginning.  After you go down, you have to go up.

Now, this is going to be an extraordinary year for both you and I, so I challenge you to embrace this new beginning. Leave your old ways in 2011.  You can’t function in the “new” with your old ways.  Make up your mind that this is going to be a GREAT year.  A year of manifestation. Claim it. Believe it. Do it.

Love you.

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