My Sibling is a Luxury

Well darlings, I’m getting so old!!!

Today, my baby brother Jason turned 21!!! AMAZING!!

My brother and I are actually 2 and a half years apart, so we did a lot of things together growing up such as playing football (they used to call me Ice Box and YES, its from that movie), climbing trees, racing down the streets, driving our mother crazy (still do sometimes, for the sport…LOL), learning to ride our bikes without the training wheels (he grasped the concept first…SMH), and much more. We had our share of fights and didn’t speak to each other for all of 10 minutes which was usually when I just threw a pillow at him.

I remember when we were younger, Jason was probably four and I was seven, there was a shooting in our house when we lived in Denver, resulting with Jason getting shot in the head.  So vividly, I remember, laying on the floor with my brother and Mom, just staring at Jason watching the blood pour down his face onto the kitchen floor.  But, there wasn’t any tears or cries.  Jason was quiet.  Strange.  When the ambulance came and placed him on the stretcher, the bullet fell out his head onto the front porch, by the grace of God.  Not once did Jason cry.

At that moment, I could have lost a brother, but I didn’t.  God saved him.  But, I knew at that time he was going to live; never did I ever question whether he would live or not. I just knew. I just shrugged my shoulders and said with conviction that he is fine.

When we got the reports back from the doctors, they even gave Jason an okay.  And my darlings, Jason is fine.  He is a normal kid, no strangeness, no brain injury, no defect. Just normal.  He’s plays football, basketball, and everything else under the sun.

More, importantly, he’s my baby brother.  I love him more than anything.  I don’t know how my childhood would even exist without him.  And to that, I am proud to say: Happy 21st Birthday Jason!

Love you punk.

P.S.  Jason probably won’t read this anyways because he is currently getting ready to go to the casino. LOL!

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