Why Did It Happen To Me?


You know that is the $50,000 question that at some point  you have asked yourself, “Why did it happen to me?”

I can list many situations just take your pick and feel free to add your own:

  • That car accident you were in, and it was not your fault.
  • You were so in love and then they broke up with you.
  • You are the  best person for that promotion, but they gave it to another.
  • You followed all of the directions but the cake was still a flop.
  • You practiced your instrument for hours daily and then made mistakes at the recital.
  • You calculated all the expenses and you still came up short.
  • You practiced your presentation, had it memorized but you froze.
  • You have your trip planned, down to the last detail but somehow you miss your plane.
  • You are baking bread, it smells so good in the oven…

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