Please Just Listen to Yourself, It Would Be a Luxury

Good evening darlings! Or good morning to some!

Life is funny sometimes.  Matter of fact, I am funny sometimes which consequently makes my life funny.

As I am stepping into my own and becoming the woman I am destined to become, I’ve learned the importance of listening to thy self. Or in my case, experiencing the consequences of not listening to thy self (I seem to be doing that quite frequently, lately…SMH!).  Naturally, I believe we are spiritual beings that are rooted in the flesh, but have the power to be extricated from our bodies. Some call it a gut, some a spirit, some call it a “little voice”, and some call it an “it”; either way, it’s deeply rooted inside each one of us and must be paid attention to.

How many of us have ever been in a situation, but never would have been in it had we listened to ourselves?

How many of us can recount a time when we said “Why did I even say that? I should’ve listened to myself and kept quiet. Why Lord, whyyyyyyyyy? Why did I even open my mouth?”

Or when you received your test scores back and glanced over what you missed and noticed the one question you circled ‘B’, saying to yourself, “I knew it was ‘D (all of the above)’. What the heck man?!”

I could go on and on with scenarios that we all have experienced, as humans.

But, recently, well actually on Saturday, my office called me into work which I happily accepted because that was overtime for me which meant more moolah (as the old folks say..LOL!) for me and I’m not complaining about that.  Being a wonderful office that they are, they supplied breakfast for us which were bonus points for me! Since I am an extremely picky eater, I quickly glided over to the office kitchen to get first dibs (my delicious plain bagel with cream cheese) and before all the common folks dug their hands in there (I don’t really like to eat food that’s open to the public..Lol).  Anyways, I had 2 bagels already and I wanted another, but something (my Spirit) told me not to get another bagel.  But, I’m thinking to myself, “Why not? It’s free.” Eventually, I strolled over to the office kitchen again, while everybody ELSE was working, ducking through the cubicles like I’m in a scene from Mission Impossible, trying not to be seen, so folks won’t think I’m being a fatty and retrieved my THIRD bagel: mission accomplished.  However, it was a little hard this time, so I had to bite harder into the crust of the bagel.  But, I didn’t care; it was free!

Ok, it is now Tuesday.  And my doggone jaw is bruised because of THAT doggone hard rock bagel I ate!!!  The very side of my mouth that I ate THAT bagel on is sensitive to the max.  I feel like somebody sucker-punched me in the jaw.  I can’t even eat NOR drink on my left side of my mouth; I can barely move my mouth to talk.  Plus, I look like a lopsided clown with my jacked up jaw. And I’m not taking a pic so y’all can laugh at me even more!! But, why did I even eat that doggone bagel?! Dang, I should’ve listened to myself. Sigh. I’m such a dumb duck for that.


A lesson was learned.

Yea, darlings, do yourself a favor and just listen to yourself.


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