Today, while sitting at work, I received an email from my church’s database which I would like to share with you all.


Somewhere, right now, the sun is shining brightly. Somewhere, a new life is just beginning. Somewhere, the power of love is triumphing over adversity. Somewhere, at this very moment, a thousand children are laughing.

Somewhere, someone who will never seek or receive credit for it is moving the world positively and powerfully forward. Somewhere, it is going on now.

If you could suddenly see all the good, valuable, positive things happening this very moment, the sight would surely overwhelm you. And yet it goes on, day after day, without fail.

For every disappointment, for every challenge, somewhere, somehow there is a way beyond it. Know without a doubt that it’s there, and you’re already moving toward it.

Somewhere there’s a bright and shining place where you know you belong. With faith, courage, commitment and persistence you’ll surely see yourself there.

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