My sibling is a Luxury, Part II

Ok, sooooooooo I’m totally late!!!

This past weekend my older brother celebrated his birthday (I won’t put the age out there, though..LOL). Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there to celebrate with him because he lives back home in St. Louis and I’m in New York in which that trip was NOT about to happen.  Better yet, it was never going to happen because I had no intention of returning home (and that’s another story for another

Anyways, I want to dedicate this post to him because I love him so much.

It’s funny because when I was younger, I used to wish that I had an older brother and dreamed about how cool it would be to have one and that he would be the older brother that is ohhh so protective of his little sister. LOL! I was a kid, so don’t judge people!!!


I remember when my dad introduced my little brother Jason and I to Justin (my older brother) telling us we now have an older brother.  Jason and I glanced at each other with confused looks, thinking that our Dad had lost his ever-lasting crazy mind! Mind you, I was in middle school at the time which means Jason had to have been in elementary school, I believe.  Actually I could be lying; I don’t exactly remember.  But the POINT is that we were younger, okay folks.  We were standing in the living room facing the door when Daddy said he had a surprise. Then my dad opened the door and went out and came back to say “Surprise!!” with Justin reappearing from the door.  Jason and I just froze. That’s all we could do. LMBO!!!

Talk about a dream come true! Lord, have mercy.

When I think about that day, I can’t help but laugh! No, I didn’t have the chance to grow up with him in the earlier days as youngsters (which is good because I probably would have harassed and terrorized him like I did to Jason…LOL…ahhhhh…those were the good days), but I had him during my teenage days and I have him for my adulthood. Justin is a pretty cool brother and for that, I am thankful.  He’s a great role model for Jason and I; he’s always giving me advice (but, it doesn’t really matter because I don’t listen to him..simply because I do what I want to do..LOL..I do hear him though!!). Sigh. I cherish the many talks, hangouts, and etc. that I have with my brother and I look forward to the many more with him! Essentially, Justin is a great man, husband, father, son, and brother.

However, I have the rest of our adulthood to harass and terrorize him.

Yes sirrrrrr!! LOL!!

Love you Justin!!!



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