Risk In Everything


Today was an uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

One of those days…..You know what I’m talking about…..I had THE worst day ever. Ughhh.

But, you know how things happen at the right time? Well, I just so happen to get an email from my church’s email right when things were getting worse and I could conjure up a smile at all.  Somehow as I read the email, I found my strength.  Maybe it will help you.  Maybe not.  I hope it does. Here it is…..


Risk in everything

When you act, there is no guarantee you’ll succeed. That’s what makes success so valuable and so very much worth achieving. When you venture forward with the intention of creating value, all sorts of obstacles will befall you. Make the commitment to work diligently and enthusiastically through each one, because that is where the value is made.

There is risk in everything. Instead of avoiding the risks in life, learn to successfully manage them and transform them into achievement. It is only by accepting the risk of failure that you gain the possibility of success. You, and your whole world, deserve for you to create that success.

Yes, life is risky. Fortunately, you are wonderfully and powerfully able to learn and to adapt and to deal with whatever you must.  With your thoughtfully considered actions, you can minimize the risk and maximize the achievement. So go ahead, accept the risk, and follow it all the way through to great success.

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