This Week’s Motivator

Life is what it is

Life is unfair, your problems are not your fault, no one understands you, and there’s never enough time. All of that is true and none of it matters. What matters is what you choose to do with the situation as you find it. And despite all the challenges, you can choose to do some very spectacular, wonderful, valuable things.

Life is what it is, yet none of it has to hold you back. Life is what it is, and you can make purposeful use of it all. Life is what it is, and the more eagerly you accept it the more richness you can create with it. Instead of complaining about the injustice and inconvenience, get busy and create a more compelling and robust alternative.

It’s no big news flash that there are problems in the world, so don’t waste your time spreading the word about them. Make the choice to invest your time building and spreading true goodness in your own special way. This day is as it is, and with it you can do great things. Imagine the best possibilities, and enthusiastically give them life.

Keep going

When you’ve achieved success, keep going. The worst thing you can do with an accomplishment is to let it stop you. When you’ve experienced failure, keep going. You’ve learned what doesn’t work and that is a valuable part of discovering what does work.

When you feel discouraged and disappointed, keep going. Your persistent efforts and your actions will greatly boost your confidence. When you feel like you’re on top of the world, keep going. Make use of what you’ve achieved to create even more value for your world.

When you can’t decide what to do, pick one of the alternatives and keep going. By taking action, you’ll know soon enough whether or not you’re headed in the right direction. Every day life is injected with a fresh dose of wonder and opportunity. The way to experience the best of it is to face confidently ahead and keep going.

-Received from LFT’s database

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