Welcome back to ME!

Well hello darlings.  Long time, no see.  It’s been quite awhile, yes I know.  A hiatus.

I believe that there’s a time for everything and it’s the right time for me to begin writing on the blog again.  My last post was last year, in August I believe (could be wrong though).  At the time, I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging because I sensed that I was losing the value in blogging; it became a mundane activity to me, drying out in meaning.

I had nothing to talk about.  Simply put, nothing worth sharing with you all darling. Actually, there probably was plenty to share, I just wasn’t willing to share any of my experiences with you all; I was closed to the idea of vulnerability.  No hard feelings, okay? Life was moving and I couldn’t be bothered.

But, one of the many lessons that I have learned over these several months is that it’s not about the length, the numbers, or the quantity, in better terms, what matters is the authenticity, the quality.  A connection is relatable and genuinely authentic in all aspects on both parties and I’m going to devote to being authentic in every way possible in this blog.  I’ve been using that as my motto in life as well, especially in my relationships, church involvement, career choices, and etc.

Speaking of career choices, I actually had the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week last week for designer Byron Lars which was amazing!  I really couldn’t believe that I got booked for the show, but of course, I just praised God because I didn’t see it coming AT ALL! But, I valued that moment much more because it wasn’t easy leading up until that day (it was on Valentine’s Day).  There were so many days when I wanted to give up on the modeling career (because it wasn’t happening as fast as I thought it should have), but I didn’t.  It took almost TWO YEARS for this to manifest, my God, TWO FREAKING YEARS (well, it would be 2 years officially in May, but hey 2 years sounds better than 1 year and umpteenth months, right? no?).  Thankfully, my waiting wasn’t in vain.  I was truly grateful for working with designer Byron Lars.

If there’s something that you’re reaching for, let this be a testimony to not give up because it will happen in due time!

But, it’s a new year, a new you.  The year of the open door. xoxo.

Oh, and by the way, I have a new do.  Check out the pic below!

New do



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