Your Luxurious Current Portion?

Today, I received an inspirational email discussing and provoking the consideration of our “current portion.”  Needless to say, it struck a chord and pricked my heart.  It’s something to reflect on, nonetheless.

What’s a “current portion”, you may ask.  Well, it’s simply a terminology that’s used to describe your current state in its entirety, everything you have or don’t have (for example), everything that’s happening in your life as a whole.

But, the question is, “Are we handling our current portion to the best of our abilities?”  Are you? Am I? Ehhhhhhhhh.

Honestly, I am not.  I’ve allowed so many of life’s distractions to throw me into a ball of confusion.  I’ve been asking God for more and more and this and that.  But, the truth is I’ve neglected the use of my full capability in dealing with life’s issues.  Yes I would love to be further in my career, a career in my element of passion, and not at a place where there’s no connect to my passion.  But, am I really ready for that?  Have I proven myself?  Yes, sure I could use an increase in my finances, but have I been managing the portion I have now?  So, you are itching for a new job opportunity? But, have you been applying yourself 100% at your current job?

Are our portions so mundane in life that we race through life disregarding their impacts?  Why is it that we desire for more but sometimes lack consistency and dedication in our day-to-day routines?  Truth is, if we can’t be trusted and worthy of what we possess now, then surely possessing more is out of the question.  However, we each possess the ability to make a change.  And you know what? I’m starting NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week, or next year, but NOW!

I don’t know why but after I declared that in my mind, I felt a sense of hope sprinkle through my body.  Hope. My current portion.  There’s hope.

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