Spring is Here, Ehhh what?

First day of spring is finally here!! Finally! It seems as if it’s been years since the last spring, yes I’m over-exaggerating, but I’m really not.  Well for those who live in sunny days all year long, keep it moving because I will not allow you to add on to my non-heat-depressing-winter-weather-misery!!! LOL!

New York, you have been killing me! Where is the sun and the warm weather?!  Why is it still depressingly freezing outside?! In the middle of March though?! You’ve got to be kidding me here!  Folks, if you think I’m magnifying the truth, take a look at the picture of the temperature that I took with my phone at 9:00am this morning…. photo(20)

What in the world?! The first day of spring instead of springing me into new weather, I have been dearly suffocating amongst the swift breeze of the winds.  Help me Jesus!!

But, I’ve had it! If spring weather is timid to come take over the winter, then I’m going to force it to come!! I’m boycotting this weather: no more puffer coats, no more sweaters, no more winter clothing! I’m only going to be wearing spring clothes; I even painted my nails a bright spring color!


I can’t take the cold anymore; I’m so over it! So if that means I’m wearing spring dresses and shorts in 40 degrees weather, then so be it. Pray for me, y’all. *Throws the blanket over my head*

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