Checking the Supposedly Luxurious Fruit

Fruit.  Most of us enjoy the satisfying taste of fruit, right? An opportunity to bask in the sun eating delicious fruit sounds appealing, right? I suppose. Well unlike others and most of the world, I happen to ONLY take divine pleasure in red seedless grapes and organic gala apples!  I’m extremely picky, I know.  Fruit, when good, is seen as a vital staple in providing nutrients to the human body as compared to bad fruit, providing nothing merely satisfying nor a beneficial use to our human bodies.

Fruit.  Well let’s discuss it in relation to people.  We all have started out in the womb and eventually evolved into full adult human beings, but our parents (substitute parents, other family members, and/or etc.) nurtured us in the process in becoming adult humans.  In the midst of the process, it is our circumstances, experiences, and relationships that shape us into the persons we are now.  This is the equivalent scenario to how farmers plant their seeds, and throughout the seasons, they must diligently care and nurture the seeds in hopes to produce a bountiful harvest; however, some seeds don’t always bear good fruit.  People don’t always bear good fruit.

Fruit.  In life, we come across a diverse amount of people from all different walks of life. Some are beneficial, others not so much.  But, it’s imperative that we are vigilant when allowing others into our lives; we must choose wisely who we are connected to.  As the Bible states, “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor. 15:33 NIV Bible). No, we don’t have the authority to judge one another, but discernment should be exercised at all times, as a remedy, to prevent toxic people/situations from even entering our lives, let alone remaining in our lives.

Fruit.  There are innumerable paths that subject us to unfortunate contact with persons producing bad fruit.  But, I believe our most common misstep derives from when we are searching for guidance, for help.  Naively, we lack the knowledge, sometimes, in who to pursue for guidance and who to even trust.  Seeking a person’s character isn’t the simplest task.  Many people do more talking, than actually doing.  However, with that understanding, we can affirm a person’s character by the fruit they are consistently producing.  Simply put, watch what they do.  Talk is cheap.  Deception is powerful.  But, what is that person doing on a daily basis?  Do their actions match what they are saying?

Fruit.  Good fruit.  Bad fruit.  Are they healthy?

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