An Amazing Story: A Woman Hears for the First Time!

There are so many things in life we take for granted.  The ability to hear.   The ability to see.  The ability to feel.  The ability to walk.  The ability to stand.  Our mere existence is a blessing in itself.  But, how many of us lack the ability to hear?  How many of us lack the ability to see?  Can you stand on your own?  Something to ponder.

Last week, I came across a moving article that deeply touched my heart.  When I read the article on Yahoo! News and watched the video, I immediately sat in awe and lifted up a praise to God for the blessing on this young woman.  This 26-year-old young woman Amy has never heard of day of sound in her life.  But, in this video recorded by her Aunt, her surgically cochlear hearing device is being tested for the first time.  As she begins to hear sound, she responds happily in sign language!  Then, as she begins to hear her father and son call her name for the first time, we see a climax of emotions from Amy, so remarkable and moving!

It’s amazing how technology has progressed over the last decades and continues rapidly even as we speak.  The opportunities that are available now are far greater than one could have imagined in the past.  I’m not sure if this story has been shared on the news, but as phenomenal as it is, it should be.  As much distressing news we are exposed to on a daily basis, we desperately need more positive and uplifting stories in  this world.  So please watch this video and share with others!

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