Letting Go Isn’t the Easiest But Far More Luxurious Than We Can Imagine ;)

Letting go.

Far from easy.

Let it go.

Holding on to the pain; it’s more comfortable for me to stay here.

Letting go.

Basking in the realm of the abyss of darkness.  Such an oxymoron, I know.

Let it go.

I can be free, free from this burdened yoke that I myself am a slave to.

Letting go.

Gazing through the mirror, watching my old self fade.

Let it go.

Indeed today, I shall.  I will let it go.  With all my might and heart.

Letting it go.

No longer will I let it destroy me, delaying the development of my character.

Let it go.

I’m letting YOU go, that old friendship, that toxic stream of hope, that old past of mine.

Letting it go.

It’s the best thing for me.  I’m a new identity.  It can’t recognize me nor can I recognize myself.

Let it go.

Freedom. Liberation. Laxity. Independence.  Call it what you want.

But, I’m letting go of me.


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