Your Luxurious Calling ;)


The other day I came across this photo on Instagram and immediately saved it to my phone so I could upload it on here.  This immediately resonated with me because it prompts a variety of prevalent issues that we deal with today.  Purpose.  Being yourself.  Peer Pressure.  And many more.  We all desire or have desired at some point, to be “normal”.  But, when did being “normal” or being perceived, to say the least, as “normal” become directly correlated with your calling in life?  Eh.  Never has and never will be.   Why, you may ask.  Simply because we are uniquely made which poses a juxtaposition of normality and abnormality.

We all possess a unique combination of gifts, talents, experiences, likes, dislikes, shapes, sizes and so forth.  There is no one on this earth that is exactly like you.  NO ONE!  There may be many imitators, but never another you.

So tell me, what is “normal” then?  Can someone actually draw up a picture of what’s “normal?”  Society isn’t a reliable source; its’ rules changes by the hour. So, what is “normal” because my normal may not be your normal and vice versa.

With that in mind, instead of attempting to fit in or doing what everyone else is doing, we should live accordingly to what God has called us to do and be.  Play up your uniqueness.  Following the crowd or strolling through the wide gate will often lead you to dissatisfaction and discontentment; you limit yourself on your own greatness.  Being extraordinary is the exception to ordinary, so if you are trying to be ordinary, you simply cannot be extraordinary!

I believe it requires faith and courage to embark on this journey of following your calling.  When you are called to go left and everyone else is traveling to the right, what do you do?  Fit in or follow your calling?  I’ve found that it’s much easier to blend in the crowd; however, it’s unfulfilling. On the other hand,  I’ve discovered that being me and following my calling does require a considerable amount of effort, but its residue is most rewarding and fulfilling.

So today, I challenge you (and myself) to STAND in your uniqueness, TRAVEL through the narrow gate, and FULFILL your destiny. 😉

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