The Luxury of Being a Work in Progress

IMG_4869[1]A work in progress.

Me and you.

Mistakes.  We all make them.  Then, why do we continue to chastise ourselves so brutally?  I know we can be so hard on ourselves and I’m not attempting to make excuses for our mistakes, but it’s true: we are so hard on ourselves. We constantly beat ourselves up after we’ve made a mistake, especially with negative self-talk.

I think we have a natural desire to be perfect right now, all the time, 24/7.  But, the truth is, it’s impossible to have it all together.  As sinners, being in our flesh, we are naturally tempted to engage in many acts of sin.  Only Jesus is perfect, even though He was tempted in every way as well, and never sinned, which makes Him so great and it assures us with great comfort that we serve a High Priest that not only redeemed us, but can ALSO empathize with His people!

His grace is truly sufficient for me.  I know for me, this truth and revelation provides me with great hope and assurance that I can do better and WILL do better.  Even in the midst of my sins, I know that I can rise up after a fall since His grace and mercy covers me.

So, I write this post as encouragement and in love to remind you and myself that we are a work in progress; change doesn’t accumulate overnight because things take time.  However, as long as we are open to change in personal growth,  I believe we are on a promising track to self-fulfillment and reaching our full potential.

So, keep your head up high and rise after your fall! 😉


How Luxurious It is To Try New Things

New things.

Can be a bit scary.

Trying new things can often cause anxiety for the “I’m-staying-to-what-I-know” type of person.  But, how much fun are they missing out on, one might exclaim!  Stepping outside of the comfort zone can appear daunting at first, but I’ve learned that doing so, opens a new world of adventures.  To fully live requires unspeakable and undeniable risks.

Often times, my heart longs for more, but my limited foresight often sets me back.  When doing so, I was left with an open heart of discontentment.  Contrary to many beliefs (because of my vibrant personality), I can be extremely shy which causes my reservations in certain environments, especially in experiencing something new! I’m quick to tell you, “Absolutely not!”, “Good-bye,” “Ummm, NO!”, or any other form of dismissal!  But, what good is that doing?!  My horizon is attempting to expand, but all I’ve been doing is rejecting it: the possible fun experience I could have! Ughhh.  I have got to stop that!

So recently I’ve decided to start trying new things and stop being a punk.  It’s time for me to live! Who knows?  I might even move to another country!  I don’t know.  But, what I do know is that I’m stepping outside of the box from here on out and living a life with no regrets! 😉