A Luxurious Becomer


A season of becoming.


In reading this passage targeting those who are 25ish, the word “becoming” transcended all subsequent wording.  I stood still while the pace of my heartbeat gracefully slowed as the word “becoming” escaped my mouth.

The definition of becoming (become) – verb. Begin to be, grow to be, turn into

According to Dictionary.com, this definition simply describes the magnitude of a processBeginning to be.  Growing to be.  Turning into.  This concept is signifying the ramification of MOVEMENT.  There must be movement in a process, movement “to become”; becoming doesn’t just happen.

So, how do you get to Point B from Point A? You simply must move from Point A to Point B! Easy concept, right? Yes.  Easy to apply to life, right? Absolutely not.  To become, there’s always a starting point and an ending point, but the gist of “becoming” all lies in between: the growing section.  It is within our growth that we become: the stretching of our faith, the blood, sweat and tears from our hands, the exhilaration of new experiences, and so forth.  Some refer this station as “growing pains.”  It’s a lovely saying, isn’t it?  Quite comforting.  Ha! However, there’s no way around it; experiencing growth pains is an inevitable seasoning of life.  Even so, our zeal to “become” should override all hesitation and fear.

But, let’s talk about movement.  Movement.  You can’t succeed in any area of life without some type of movement.  Any opportunity to move forward, one should be wise enough to do so!  Doors of opportunities are always presenting itself, but it’s up to us to take advantage of it and WALK through it.  I capitalized the word “walk” to stress the notion of movement.  You see, movement requires you to DO something.  That door of opportunity that’s standing right in front of you CAN’T open unless you: 1. Walk to the door (move your feet), 2. Touch the door knob (move your phalanges from your pockets to the metal door knob), 3. Turn the door knob (move your wrist in a circular motion), and when the door opens, 4. Walk THROUGH the door (move your feet forward to the other side of the door)!!!

So yes, it requires work to move in order to become!  If you are striving to become great like me, this laborious task isn’t for the lazy, it’s for the MOVERS! For those who seek to move from good to great! For those who seek to move from poor to rich! For those who seek to move from nothing to everything!  Movers are Becomers! And becomers are necessary to make a profound difference in this world.

So, what are you striving to become?

Well, I’m striving to become pride-less, as in removing my pride in situations that prevent my growth such as apologizing when I’m wrong.

I’m striving to become more loving in words and in action, as in expressing my love for others freely without my pride standing in the way and displaying patience in all forms.

So today, I encourage you to stop and reflect on your life, on the vision that you may have.  Write down all that you are striving to become.  Set measurable goals.  Pray.  And let it manifest into your life.

Essentially, nothing has come effortless, but indeed we will become.




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