Stand YOUR Ground: Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally

Trayvon Martin Rally

What more will it take? If Saturday’s verdict has taught us anything, it’s that WE have to come together. Enough is enough. As young black people, we have a responsibility to each other, to our ancestors and to our future generations to unite and begin to make real change. Somewhere along the way our baton as black people was dropped. It is time to pick it back up.
Trayvon’s death can’t be another “cause” that loses steam in a week. We owe it to all of our silenced people whose lives have been lost, ignored and disrespected. We owe it to ourselves.
Join us as we finally take the first steps. Meet at 8 pm at Farragut Square. We will march to the White House from there.
Spread the word! Text, tweet, Instagram- do what you have to but bring your people!

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