Staying in Your Lane is Far Luxurious Than You Can Imagine

Stay in your lane.

A reminder for myself.

It’s always so tempting to begin glancing at other people’s lanes. Competition. Curiosity. Comparison. And so forth. And it always seems that the world is moving right along and you’re standing far behind.

Enumerating all that’s taking place (or at least I think is taking place) in other people’s lives can be draining, but what good is that?  All it does is forestall my own potential in obtaining success in my life.  Therefore, I found that it’s more productive when I take my eyes off someone’s else lane and keep my eyes focused on the prize in MY lane.  At the end of the day, what God has for me is for me.  I will get to my destination in due time.

Distractions and temptations will come, but if we discipline ourselves to fix our eyes on the prize/goal, nothing can stop us.  Lately, I’ve been doing a heck of a job staying focused on my goals – both long-term and short-term and have reached success in many areas of my life.  It’s the beginning of October  – 3 more months in the year to go.  Yes, I’m not where I want to be in life, but I’m much closer than I was yesterday.  Lessons have been learned.  My patience has increased.  And my character is being developed.

In essence, I’m not going to worry about what the next person is doing or saying.  I’m focusing on becoming a better me and getting to where I want and need to be.  And I encourage you to do the same.

My motto for October: Stay in your lane, J. 🙂

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