Freedom is Luxury

One could say that prior to this year, I lived under constraints, meaning I lived with limitations.  Up until this point in my life, I could never say I was a free person.  I bore the weight of society’s standards on my shoulders.  I didn’t jump when society said jump though I always did what I’ve always wanted to do, but in the back of my mind, there was always society’s opinion frolicking.  Freedom is a luxury, when you understand the power of its magnitude. Nonetheless, an abundance of joy and happiness can emanate from freedom.  I believe this “limitation living” derived from failing to truly embrace who I was: my uniqueness, my abnormality, and everything else that made up me!  To some, this may be a shocking revelation, but I’m only human and it’s the truth.  But, as I began to embrace who I truly am and made no apologies for it, I experienced a phenomenon like none before: living.  I freed myself.  Therefore, I no longer care about what people may think or say about how I dress, how I speak, how I carry myself, and how I do any and everything else in life!  This newfound “revelation” doesn’t stem from vanity or cockiness, it’s just that people and society do not validate me.  More importantly, I know who I belong to: God.  And only He can validate me. There’s freedom in deliverance from other people’s opinion. So today, I bask in freedom and thank God everyday for this new found freedom.

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