Never Settle

IMG_3495[1]Today’s a rainy day, yet still a great day.  I’ve been reflecting on my past (relationships, friendships) within the last hour or so.  Mood was shaken, pondering too hard about the negatives.  And easily the self-doubt and self-criticism creeped in.  But, then I came across this picture and I regained my strength, reminding me to keep EVERYTHING high.  Never settle for anything.  Whatever we want, we can attain, but we don’t have to nor should we settle for ANYTHING.  I want the best in EVERYTHING (career, car, home, relationships, friendships, and etc.) and so should YOU!  So today, I encourage you to keep your heels (I guess sneakers for guys?, head, and especially your STANDARDS high!  Things will work out, just watch. 🙂

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