The Luxury of A Stepping Stone!

Recently, a friend of mine started an accountability/accomplishment goal line between a group of us women where we outline our monthly accomplishments and goals.  When she initially sent the email requesting our accomplishments and goals thus far, I thought to myself, “What HAVE I accomplished?” not from an eager mind but from a defeated mindset.  Lo and behold, I began typing my accomplishments and KEPT typing as they began rolling off my mind when I discovered the MANY things I had done for January and February.  It was a challenge at first because my mind was clouded by my current situations (all that hasn’t happened yet, the negatives) to even see all that I’ve accomplished thus far for 2014.  Oddly enough, even though I experienced a great deal of opposition and adversity for the month of February, I accomplished the MOST during that month.  I don’t know how. It has to be the strength of the Lord because February was filled with so many tears and sorrow.  In retrospect, the more opposition I faced, the stronger I became.


Something to ponder.

Little did I know, that every little step I took (with much opposition) was another step towards my breakthrough, reaching my vision for 2014.  In hindsight, you don’t move the mountain by pushing it all at once, but by moving each individual stones.  Even though it may LOOK like it’s not moving, it really is moving.  Essentially, looks can be deceiving. Ha! (That saying is actually on my vision board, GLORY!)

So today, I encourage you to write down the things you’ve accomplished, whether grand or minor.  And definitely, do not compare your accomplishment to what you THINK someone else is doing.  YOUR path is yours and theirs is THEIRS. When you visually see what you are doing, it will help you keep things in perspective.

It did for me.

Stepping stones move mountains.

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