Possessing the Luxurious Confidence Needed for Success


Belief in one’s self and one’s powers or abilities; full trust.


Something we must all possess in order to succeed. Often times, it’s the very thing we lack.

But, how far can we go without it?

Not sure.

However, what I am sure of is that we can succeed quite far WITH it! It can be the difference between a yes and a no. A great performance or a poor performance.  A remembered speech or a forgotten speech.

Let’s not forget it’s attractive too.  It’s a sight to see when you see a person who’s poorly dressed with CONFIDENCE as compared to seeing someone who is well-dressed with NO confidence. Ha!


It should be a permanent accessory.  Wherever we go, that’s a garment that should be worn without a thought of it being removed.  Just like we can’t live without food, we can’t live without our confidence.

Hmmmmm in regards to my confidence…..

There are sooooo many things that I want/need to accomplish in reaching my vision, but half the battle, for me, has been my confidence.  Interestingly enough, many of my peers would probably question my sanity for even lacking the confidence in the ventures I’m divulging in.  I know.  Smh.  Now, I am a confident woman but lately I’ve found myself doubting my God-given talents and abilities. Why?  Because being outside of my comfort zone, I didn’t believe I had the natural God-given talent and ability. Crazy, I know. (Oh and I’m past the stage where I was comparing myself to other people; I don’t even care what other people are doing, so the doubt didn’t stem from that issue.)  But, it’s OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, your familiarity, where you will be challenged and tested from all angles.  When you remain safe inside of the comfort zone box, it’s easy to say you’re confident.  But, can you honestly say that you’re initially COMPLETELY confident in yourself in an unknown place? Can you go into the fire with full confidence? Can I fully trust myself knowing that I possess the skills and talents to embark on this unfamiliar journey?

Hmmmmm something to ponder.

Truly, it has been a battle, but I conquered it in which I am now CONFIDENT that I have what it takes to do what I need to do.  I’m CONFIDENT that I have the natural born gift and talent to succeed in my field. Even if I get so far away from what I’m gifted in such as playing the piano, the gift will always be there. How can I be so sure? I just am.  God gave me this gift.


Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; full trust.

I got it.

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