My First Speaking Engagement: Manifestation of a Vision

Hey darlings!

So, some really cool things have happened recently which I’m excited to share with you all beautiful people.  First, I want to share with you all on the details from my first speaking engagement!  A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a Womanhood Training Program in Washington, D.C. at Union Temple Baptist Church before young girls between the ages of 13-17.  It was an awesome experience which blessed me in more ways than I could’ve imagined.  The theme for the month of April for the Womanhood Training Program was self-esteem so I spoke about that, shared my testimony, and gave the girls a glimpse of my life being a model.  Since I’ve never given a speech before, I did a little research to figure out how I could effectively reach those girls and leave an imprint that would inspire them. My objective was to encourage and inspire those young girls in understanding their worth to increase their self-esteem through biblical principles and my own life experiences.  In that, there were three points I wanted to hit and believe I was successful in executing:

• Having healthy self-esteem is important because it affects the way you live (the things you do)
• Your self-worth stems from your identity (identity in Christ)
• Men/boys do not validate you

During my speech, I spoke about how as a youth, I had really low self-esteem even though I was very active growing up.  Because of how I was treated being hearing impaired (people pitied me, looked at me weird, the educational system attempted to remove me from the normal classes to place me in the special education classes assuming I had a learning disability even though I was always the smartest person in my class smh, and much more),  I felt like a second class human being – I was ashamed of who I was.  And that it wasn’t until earlier this January when I faced my fears and decided to embrace ALL of me and finally believed that what I perceived as a flaw was really a beauty that constituted my uniqueness.  Also, I told them how I used think I was pretty but not pretty ENOUGH for boys/guys to like me because I didn’t get attention from them.  And from that, I took on a settled mindset and settled in my selection for boys/guys (then and even up to my adulthood).  But, I explained to them how men do not validate me (us) and that they aren’t an underlying component contributing to my self-esteem, my worth. In addition, I explained to them how their value (worth) stems from their identity in which their identity is in Christ.  I concluded the afternoon with them stating that:

Each one of you possesses a unique combination of skills and talents that only YOU can allow to blossom in a manner unique as your own. In every perceived flaw, there’s a beauty that lies therein. Remember, you can never be greater than how you perceive yourself to be.

Overall, it was a great experience for me and I pray that I inspired at least one of the girls.  Through sharing my story, it was a sense of healing for me.  I spoke, they listened, and we laughed some.  I even showed them how I strut the runway during New York Fashion Week! LOL! But, one of the most amazing things about that moment was that two years ago God gave me a vision of speaking to young girls about self-esteem and I wrote it down in my journal and to walk into manifestation on April 19, 2014 was an awesome feeling.  Thank you Lord! Cheers to this new beginning of motivational speaking!

See below for pics and stay tuned for a video clip of my speech 🙂  Be blessed!


My sisters came out to support me!!  The funny thing about this is I actually ripped the back of my dress getting out of the car right before I went inside the church to give my speech AND I realized I left my heels back in NYC at 4am and was left with no choice but to wear my boots which was essentially the best because I was authentically ME in my attire for the speech!


Me and some of the girls from the Womanhood Training Program! They were so precious!


Candid! What in the world was I talking about in this pic?! But, wait, I think my eyes are shut here…Lawd!


This was the sanctuary I meditated in to prepare my mind before giving the speech.  I was SUPER nervous and about an hour before I had to give the speech, I actually started doubting myself and didn’t think I could do it, but by God’s strength, I pressed on.

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