AMOL: My Baptism!

Yesterday was an amazing day simply because I got baptized for the FIRST time in my life! I know, I know – of all persons and of all these years…I guess I was waiting for the right moment and I wanted my family to be there to witness it. But, after being refilled with the HOLY GHOST in the prayer room, I heard the Spirit say “It’s time” and I knew all I needed was Him to do it. When approaching the water, I was extremely nervous because I knew I had to die in order to gain this new life. But, I came out that water saying “Hallelujah!!” though!! I literally feel like a new creature – everything looks different; I don’t even recognize myself. I’m proud that I metamorphosed into the woman God created me to be and am so excited about this deeper walk with my Lord, Jesus Christ. #Baptism #JesusChrist #YallDontKnowWhatIHadToGiveUpForThisNewLife


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