AMOL: Restrengthen my Soul

After an action-packed weekend: celebrating my best friend’s album release performance, my best friend’s non-profit Wall Street event, meeting Spike Lee, walking all through Brooklyn and much more, a day of rest is severely needed. Even this morning was full of action – waking up with an swollen lip, left eye swollen, AND my hair wouldn’t stay in place. I almost didn’t make it to church, but I pressed my way anyways. From getting revelation and understanding, and witnessing God’s power in service, I feel strengthened to go forth to take my place in the world. One of the things I learned in church today is that whatever you are going through right now, don’t worry because God is going to bring you out HIMSELF. You can’t do it, your friends won’t be able to do, but only God will be able to do it. So stop looking for someone to do it for you, just know and believe that God’s going to do it for you – in His glorious way 😉

P.S. This was my FAVORITE dress my grandmother used to wear when I was a little girl and now I get to wear it!

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