A #SocialGood Challenge

Soooo I accepted the #SocialGood challenge where I had to go out and do a random act of kindness. So today I met this gentleman who was hungry and didn’t have enough money to get back to NJ, so I bought him some pizza and paid his ticket to get back to NJ! Ahhhh it was such a blessing to be a blessing to him! And I now nominate Cierra McEachern @jane_smith8, DJ Kal @djkalisemo, Nicole Pederson @nicolasa77, and Marques Bowman @_mooks to this #SocialGood challenge! You have 48 hours to do a random act of kindness! Let’s gooooo!! #NYC #SocialGood #SpreadingGodsLove #STLReppin


26 Things I Learned At 25

Hey darlings, I hope all has been well and amazing for everyone! So I’ve been 26 for a little over a week now and it’s been a real transition into being an official adult. I mean, I’ve been an adult but it’s something about hitting that over 25 mark. Jesus be a fence.

However, 25 was a very difficult year for me, very transitional, full of many many trials and tribulations. I learned SO much about myself and how people function in this world that I want to leave 26 bits of wisdom with you all that I learned at 25. I pray that it blesses someone. And by the way, they aren’t in any particular order.

1. God is a deliverer
2. Everything ain’t always what it seems
3. There are more people watching you than you think
4. Your mental state is vital to your success in life. If your mind is gone, then everything else is to. Think about it.
5. Some people that you think are for you, aren’t really for you as in looking out for you.
6. If a man is pursuing you, you will know. And if he isn’t, you will know.
7. Every person that you talk to or date, doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship with them nor marry.
8. Dating is an exchange of information. Nothing more, nothing less. Think on that tonight.
9. Surround yourself with PRAYING friends and family.
10. Even when you feel alone, you’re not alone.
11. Things take time.
12. Your trials and tribulations mold you into the person you are today, what God created you to be. Go through the fire, you will come out pure as gold.
13. Be resourceful. Leverage what you have to get what you want.
14. What you’ve been praying about will be answered. It may not happen when you want it to, but it will.
15. What you think you want isn’t always what you need not deserve. In fact, I’m not sure if they line up anyways.
16. Families can be restored and relationships can be reconciled. Mine’s was.
17. Conquering your greatest fear is the greatest thing you can do as an individual. I made it public that I’m hearing impaired and I faced my fear of failure in my gift of music.
18. Contentment is key, but complacency can kill you.
19. Common sense isn’t common these days.
20. Get delivered from other people’s opinions – their opinions about you don’t matter.
21. Dream again. Just because it didn’t happen before, doesn’t mean it won’t this time. I know you’re tired of disappointment, but dream again.
22. Nothing is a coincidence.
23. Timing is everything.
24. Just take it a day at a time. Some days are good. Some days are bad. And some are ugly.
25. What God did for someone else, He’s the same God that can do it for you.
26. God is faithful.