A Luxurious Fight When Your Past Creeps Up

What do you do when your past keeps rising up?

What do you do?

It always seems like every time you take a step forward, the past attempts to take you three steps backwards. It’s like the past never wants to release you. Ugh.

And this is where many of us struggle: we are living in the present while trying to reach towards the future yet the past wants to bring us back. It’s a battle. And a hard battle at that.

You’re ready to move on. But, the past isn’t ready for you to move on. Ugh.

But, so what! Move on anyways!

Every time that your past decides to creep up, it’s just an indication of a CHANGE, a BREAKTHROUGH, that’s getting ready to eradicate it’s very presence. You’re getting closer and closer, so that’s why your past is arising more than ever. But, keep on pushing. Keep on moving forward. Keep on pressing. When the past comes up, don’t even give it any energy. Bounce that thought and keep it moving. Tell your past, “You’re just mad that my greater is coming, but I’m moving on anyways!”

So darlings, KEEP MOVING ON!!

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