Dreams Come True: NYFW Stella Nolasco SS’15 Presentation

Ahhhh hey y’all!

So today I attended my first Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week show down in Lincoln Center! I attended Stella Nolasco Spring/Summer ’15 Presentation which was just STELLAR and EXCITING! No, I didn’t model this time but I attended as a spectator! It was such a dream come true for me! I never thought I would be sitting in those seats in the Pavilion where it was held! I moved to NYC 3 years ago to pursue my modeling career and it’s been a long time coming; every year I got closer and closer to being under those tents. And I just KNOW that it’s apart of my purpose by the feeling I got when I stood on the pavements at Lincoln Center. All I could say was, “God I made it.” Just being around all of the fashionistas as well as contributing my own fashion sense was just SURREAL! So I’m sharing this moment with you to encourage you all to continue going after your dreams! They will come true, just keep going! Don’t give up!


Just a little selfie before the show started





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