A Vengeance Look: Making A Comeback from A Bad Week

Hey darlings!

Soooo it’s been about a week since I lasted posted something – last week wasn’t a good week at all. The devil almost had me. But, I decided to press my way to church on Sunday with a vengeance to defeat the devil and praise God anyways! It was hard and it took all of my strength to do so, but I did it. I’ll write about last week in a later post but for now, you can check out my “vengeance look”.

I decided to wear my leopard print dress that I bought from an online boutique a couple of years ago in which I haven’t worn this year at all. Normally, I just wear it by itself but this time I wore a black belt with it that ties in the front. I actually got this belt from this accessories showroom I used to work for back in 2011 – for FREE! And of course, it was freezing on Sunday, so I went for an overall classy look wearing this black and gray reversible shawl that my mom bought for me for Christmas a couple of years ago! And I did say I had a bad week right?? So I was in no mood to be fooling with my hair, so I wore a sleek chic and effortless low bun with a side part. My hair is naturally curly so when I gel it down, it comes out wavy. Hey hey hey now!! Lol! Well, to complete this fall look, only a berry lip and velvet pumps could do it justice. And justice and vengeance was mine.

So my dears, I encourage you to pick yourself up, dress yourself to the TEE, and come back with a vengeance if you had a bad week! That’s what I did! Sure, you may be fatigued and beaten from last week, but find that strength you have and defeat the devil and make it a great week!

Be inspired 😉

Attire: Dress – Some online boutique
Shawl – NY&Company
Belt – GMPC, Inc. Accessories
Shoes – BCBGeneration
Lipstick – MaryKay Black Raspberry


Ritz-Calton Hotel: Glamour Edition

Hey darlings!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine’s was uh ummm…let’s just say I don’t have any more energy. Between church yesterday and a 3k walk I participated in on Saturday morning for Lupus, I’m pooped. A late Friday night didn’t help my case either. Oh well. But, it was all worth it.

But, actually Friday night is what I want to share with you. I attended the Raine Magazine event held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in NYC, modeling for designer Jarmal Harris, alongside my girl, sister-friend Hannah. It was a splendid event in which I had the pleasure of meeting Nicky Hilton who was so sweet too! I wore this nude lace gown which is just DIVINE and Hannah wore this gold sequin halter gown which was just breathtaking all together!! Can you say GLAMOUR?!

Tell me what you think. Be inspired 😉



Hannah and I…Doesn’t this remind you of the Great Gatsby movie? Lol

Designer Jarmal Harris, Hannah, Nicky Hilton, and myself

And of course, I couldn’t leave the night without taking a pic with this beauty 😉

Music Motivation: Hampton Alumni Edition

It was at this institution where my gift of music was nurtured and brought alive. Often times I wondered how I was going to pass some of my music classes bc of my hearing impairment (in which I did, at the top of my class too). I was always perplexed at how some of my fellow classmates failed and changed majors when I was the one that couldn’t hear. Never have I complained bc of my hearing loss and never will I start. I’ll just work harder so I can hear what the world hears everyday. And I do believe God will heal me too. 🙂 💜

*When I stepped out this window on the 6th floor, I said ‘Lord don’t let me die on the ledge like this’*. LOL!

Shot by: Sheila J (modelsavings.com)

My Comedic Mentions in the NY Post

Y’all know my life is a comedy, right?
Well here’s something to laugh about right before bed!

OF COURSE, I’m the one that gets TRIED down in the subway and MENTIONED in this article by the @nypost by the “Railway Romeo”! For all you chumps who AIN’T got no game, read this bc you might learn something. I’m done. 😂😩😳 #RailwayRomeo #NYPost #Pressed #HeTriedItOnMeButItDidntWork

Here’s the full link to read the entire article! Enjoy!