Military Mode : The Luxurious Battle

In life, we battle many storms. And some currents are stronger than others. But, we, as a people must stand against all blows and fight to the end, the end of the storm. It is in the fight where our character and strength illuminates and determines the depth of our internal sufferings. It is in the fight where we learn the true meaning of perseverance. It is in the fight where we learn how sturdy our foundational ships are. BUT, it is in the final blow of the fight where we stand after every fall.

Our ships may have been blown to pieces but our invincibility shines over every shattered wood from our cores.

Indeed, the battle will be won.
You will make it.
You made it through before.
You are a survivor.

After every storm, the sun does still come out.

The hell that you went through is over. Live in the victory. One day at a time.

Remember, there’s always an attack before a miracle.

Military Attire: Multiple Attacks, Multiple Miracles

Attire: Top & Skirt – Byron Lars Beauty Mark

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