A Detailed Back: Waldorf Astoria Edition

Hey darlings, last Thursday evening I attended the The Most Powerful Women in Banking event sponsored by American Banking held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It was my first time coming to the Waldorf Astoria which was a marvel in itself! I had such a great time and I left so inspired as a woman. To be amongst such powerful women was an honor for me! I wasn’t even aware of these extraordinary women at this caliber in banking and finance. These women represent the change and leadership in this industry – many of these women are the CEOs and top executives of the banks we go to everyday and finance companies we invest in such as CitiMortgage, HSBC, and KeyCorp (these positions are all not held by men, contrary to beliefs!)!!! I commend these women for their drive and dedication to their work and I thank them for paving the way for other women to follow in their footsteps!

Now let’s get down to business.

Sooooo of course, you know it was a black tie event! Gowns. Tuxedos. Cocktails. The whole she-bang bang. I mean, it ISat the Waldorf Astoria, so of course everything has to be top notch which it was. The night before I freaked out prior because I didn’t have anything to wear, but then I remembered I had this little baby (the dress) in my wardrobe which was totally perfect for the occasion! Well, I wore this BEAUTIFUL black and gold dress by designer Byron Lars. I mean, this dress by itself is a beauty. I’m at a loss for words in describing this dress. It’s so detailed and pristine in beauty. Take a look for yourself.

For my hair, I decided to add some funk to it and wear it in a mild half up/down hairdo! I literally wrapped my hair in a bun all day and then I unwrapped it, held my head down, ran my fingers through the back of my hair while holding my head down and woolahhh! Effortless.

Oh and the attire would not be complete without my shoes! I decided to pair the dress with my velvet black 5in platform ankle strap heels! Honestly, the whole night I was getting more compliments on my attire than the actual women who were being nominated (literally – my dress just stood out!).

So for this season, I want to inspire you to not pick out a dress/gown/tuxedo that you would normally wear, try something with more details and more mystery. Don’t go for just a plain black dress or tuxedo. Go for something with multiple patterns, asymmetrical cuts, and illustrious details. Step outside of your comfort zone. You might surprise yourself.

Take a look at what I did, tell me what you think and be inspired 🙂



What would the world be like without a selfie?!

What I did to get my hair the way it was

Inside the Grand Ballroom where it was held

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