New York: Floral Chic

Oh New York. New York.

I have a love/hate relationship with you. Sometimes you drive me crazy being stuck underground on the subway train for more than 15 minutes. Sometimes you make me mad when I forget to move my car to the other side of the street by 10 minutes and I find a parking ticket given by the NYPD undeservingly. No mercy. But, then I love you so much because of the eclectic people here and I learn so much from the different cultures. And I also love you so dearly for giving me so much inspiration in this fashion capital.

Oh New York. New York.

Today’s outfit was inspired by my love/hate relationship with New York City (if you live here, then you know what I mean). The concrete jungle. Instead of being too fancy with this multi-floral skirt, I decided to pair it up with this dope sweatshirt (I love the quilted padded look on the sleeves). And of course, I paired it up with my favorite beat down boots (bury me in these please!). This entire attire is quite chic and comfy with a subtle glam. Really, anyone can try this, it’s not just for the young. Be inspired.

Attire: Sweatshirt – H&M
Skirt – Byron Lars Beauty Mark
Boots – Target


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