Music Motivation: Hampton Alumni Edition

It was at this institution where my gift of music was nurtured and brought alive. Often times I wondered how I was going to pass some of my music classes bc of my hearing impairment (in which I did, at the top of my class too). I was always perplexed at how some of my fellow classmates failed and changed majors when I was the one that couldn’t hear. Never have I complained bc of my hearing loss and never will I start. I’ll just work harder so I can hear what the world hears everyday. And I do believe God will heal me too. 🙂 💜

*When I stepped out this window on the 6th floor, I said ‘Lord don’t let me die on the ledge like this’*. LOL!

Shot by: Sheila J (

4 thoughts on “Music Motivation: Hampton Alumni Edition

  1. Splinter says:

    That good, old “Home by the Sea”… Being a hearing impaired MUSIC major (especially in that wonderful HU program) is every bit of a testament to your work ethic…

    And speaking of music, I just snuck on and off stage in your town for a show in Harlem last night.

      • Splinter says:

        You know what, Jerri? You’re exactly right; I should have said something sooner. BUT how’s this for advance notice? I have another Harlem show 8-9 on December 18 at Shrine on Powell and 134th.

        My bad because it would have been great to see you Thursday too… next time though. Are you going to HUHC ’14?

      • amodeloflife says:

        Lol I think I may have an event at my church that night, but if not, I’ll be sure to come!! Who are you playing with?

        And yes sir, unfortunately…smh…lol…my linesisters have convinced me smh…are you??

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