You Don’t Know My Story – Buffalo, NY


Hey darlings!

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at the You Don’t Know My Story even in Buffalo, NY. To experience the move of God through my testimony was a moment I’ll never forget. I shared pieces of me that I’ve NEVER shared before in public, pieces of me that I THOUGHT I would be taking to my graves. But, when God told me He needed me to go before His people and tell them what happened to me, I had to answer to His call. I thought I was going to break down and lose my mind, but instead I found out how strong I was. SO many young girls and women approached me afterwards to hug me and hold my hand; I saw healing in their eyes. One woman just looked at me and said, “You are my story.” All I could say was: I survived.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more details including what I’m wearing in the next post, so stay tuned! Check ya girl out in the flyer above 😉

Good night and be blessed!


*Note: If you or your business is interested in me speaking at a future event, you can contact me at

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