Bridal Shower Edition


Hey darlings! I hope you all have been staying warm as the weather has been changing (ughhhhhh).  This past weekend, I had a marvelous time in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands which was incredibly beautiful.  Oh, my best friend got married on Saturday! And yes, it was a destination wedding!  I’ll be sharing some of the pics from my mini vacation over the next few posts, but for now I’ll be catching you up on some other things.

To start, during Labor Day Weekend, my best friend had her bridal shower back home in St. Louis which was amazing.  And of course, I didn’t have anything appropriate for the occasion, so I called my good friend Hannah for an emergency attire suggestion in which this beautiful dress surfaced.  I actually thought I was going to be overdressed, but hey I rather be overdressed than underdressed (Fashion Rule #2).  Because of this knockout color, simple shoes could only bring the entire look together.  And because of the rich orange and we were going into Fall, I thought brown was a suitable color (I’m actually not too fond of the color brown, but it worked here!)  Take a look and be inspired 🙂Bridal Shower Edition

My Best Friend (she’s married now as of Nov. 15!) and I

Attire: Dress – CZAR by Czar Galindo

Shoes – Nine West

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