Standing In Awe of God’s Beauty

St. Thomas beachAs the nights are getting colder in NYC, I can only stay sane by reflecting insurmountably about the blazing heat I experienced last weekend in St. Thomas.  The view of the ocean in this picture doesn’t even come close to the natural marvel itself in person.  I’m actually standing on the top of a cliff in a pool at the hotel where the wedding was held.  Just standing in awe of God’s beauty.  On a fashion note, normally I match my swimsuit pieces top and bottom, but on my last day of my mini vacation, I decide to swap my black bottoms for my purple ones which happens to my favorite color by the way.  And just to be funky, always add a print mix to a solid color; it’s more eye appealing.  Trust me. Stand out.  You won’t regret it. Be inspired:)


Attire: Swimsuit Top – Target

Swimsuit Bottom – H&M

P.S.   Dear God, this pre-winter weather is cruel.  Have mercy on me.  Love your favorite child, Jerrica

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