The Signature: Case of the Black Hat

Hey darlings,

Saturday’s musings consisted of running through the city! And of course, it was Valentine’s Day, so love was in the air all cross the border. And speaking of love, this black hat, that I dearly LOVE, has really become my signature – you’ll find me wearing this hat throughout my blog posts. However, you WON’T find me wearing it the same way nor with the same outfit. The trick is to wear the hat differently with various styles – versatility is CRUCIAL when purchasing a hat! Therefore, I encourage you to select a hat that allows you to be creative in your attire. Be inspired 😉

*Oh and one of my musings consisted of frolicking at the beautiful famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. Yeaaaaaaaa it’s an amazing place to be!*

Attire: Dress – Vince Camuto (I found this baby at Marshalls!)
Belt – I haven’t the clue where I got it from (oops lol)
Boots – Nine West
Hat – H&M

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