AMOL Spotlight: Little Black Girls at New York Fashion Week

By far, this photo is my FAVORITE photo from New York FashionWeek! I love it because these little girls experienced one of the most coveted places to be and at seven years old, a whole new world was opened unto them. It’s also phenomenal because there was a time where attending NYFW shows was just a dream for black people and sharing this moment with these beautiful little black girls was an awesome feeling! After the show, we (along with my friend Hannah whose daughter is on the left) went backstage for the girls to hang out with the models, get makeup done, and take lots of pictures. In fact, the photographers took more pics of them than me!! Lol!!! They stole the show!! I love when little black girls are exposed to the limitless possibilities of this world and dare to dream bigger! Be inspired;)

Who gets an exclusive pic with the designer Taoray Wang after her F/W ’15 Presentation? They do!

Backstage Access with Kelly Cutrone! She adored Taelynn-Marie and Mahogany!

Hanging out with the models! The models LOVED their outfits! Lol

The girls freshing up backstage in the model mirrors!

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