Day 6 NYFW: Recap

Hi darlings!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this awful cold weather! Now, that New York Fashion Week is over, I want to give you a recap on Day 6 which was amazing (and I think you will like some of the pics 😉 ). The other day I attended SkinGraft F/W ’15 Presentation – it was SO DOPE! Honestly, only cool kids can wear this collection and you’re cool so I know you’ll LOVE it! I had an amazing time; there were several celebrities in attendance such as rapper Fabolous and Miss J from America’s Next Top Model. But see below for pics and enjoy! I’ll be posting my review on Skingraft’s collection shortly, so stay tuned (maybe some video action?)!

A girl’s go-to essentials: denim and booties!

This look was French inspired, so chic!
Minimal effort is key. Everything should be effortless.

Here’s the lineup on the Model Board. Take a peek closer, so you can see the dope looks!

The view before the show starts! Ahh!

I met THE Whoopi Goldberg! *dies*

Living the dream with my fashion bestie, Hannah!

Cool kids! I mean, can life get any better seeing model Shaun Ross?!

The designer of Skingraft (center to the left) and his family for a family pic! LOVE! It’s great to see a family supporting each other!

Here’s a closeup on my hat! It belonged to my grandmother of course! The flower on this beautiful wool beret took home the trophy!

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