Showroom Silliness – New Beginnings!

Hi darlings,

I hope your day has been well. Today, I spent the afternoon interviewing two AMAZING designers that I believe you will love and connect to once you hear their testimonies! I’m so excited to present a new segment: AMOL (pronounced a-mole) Designer Interviews which will interview prominent designers EXCLUSIVELY giving you first-hand dibs on their collections and their personal testimonies on embracing their God-given selves to being models of life to inspire others.  My desire with this segment is to expose the world of fashion to you all and establish a connection between the designers and  the people in hopes to encourage and inspire YOU to be your God-given authentic selves. This segment will also provide fun stuff including FREE GIVEAWAYS- I’m so pleased to announced, so keep a lookout on those! In essence, this is a new year, new year to do bigger and better things to change the world. And this is segment is only the beginning! Be inspired!

*Oh, and I was just being silly in the showroom today – you’ll find out who’s showroom soon, so stay tuned ;)*

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