Morning Motivation

So often we find ourselves stuck in the “wishing” well which can very much cause stagnation in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with wishing at all. In fact, I believe that wishing is the beginning of many dreams waiting to come into fruition. However, many of us continue wishing and don’t “do” it. Unfortunately, we allow such a gap between the wish and execution to exist which slowly causes internal deterioration. We begin to digress within, the longer we stare at what we wish/dream to happen. Our spirit man take a a plunder and opens doors for jealously, frustration, and even unhappiness. But, take heart, because all of that can change! You have the power and ability to close the gap of a simple wish and its manifestation. You may say it’s impossible, but relax because the word itself says “I’m Possible”. Whatever hesitation or doubt you may have, arrest it and lock it up for good! This is your time to do it. Just take a step and close that gap between a wish and manifestation. It’s your time. 

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