A Model of Life: Designer Byron Lars

Good Morning darlings!

Designer Byron Lars has a message for you!

I believe that we are all models of life, some representation of life.  Although we may differ in so many ways, we are more alike than you can imagine.  In fact, the world would probably be a better place if we focused more on our similarities than our differences.  One major commonality is that we were ALL created by the same work of hands of God, yet He individually packaged us with our own set of gifts and talents.  There may be those who share similar interests and passions, but there will never be anyone like YOU. There is no one who can put together outfits like YOU. No one who can cook the way YOU do.  No one can juggle two jobs and STILL pursue your passion the way that YOU do.  No one.  So take this morning and reflect on how awesome you are and be who you were called to be.  YOU matter.  And as designer Byron Lars says, YOU are a model of life.  Good day!

You can also see more of the full EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW here!

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