The Luxury of Taking Over This Male-Dominated World

Morning darlings!

Though the road you’re treading may seem a bit a slow and everyone is passing you by, keep moving and don’t give up. For every detour you’ve made, there’s another door ready for you to walk through. How ever bumps and turns you’ve encountered on your journey, you’re still on the path to success. Success is not just about having money or cars and expensive clothing, it’s about accomplishing what you set out to do! So leave that materialistic mindset at the door and reach for something greater than you. Keep your eyes ahead on the prize with your vision a keen and move forward to success!

As I become more conscious of my true self, my style continues to evolve. Unfortunately, this world is still male-dominated when it comes to power holders. But, I believe that we, women, can quickly reverse that and are currently on the path to! Inspired by male-dominated power holders, I desired to conquer the essence of menswear with my attire and attitude. Even as I graced the streets of the concrete jungle in NYC, I felt as if I could literally take over the world with this attire. And that’s the attitude you should carry EVERYDAY! So darlings, let’s keep moving, take over this male-dominated world, and look better in menswear than they do, while doing so. Be inspired 😉

Attire: Blazer – H&M 

           Plaid shirt – Hollister

           Black Jeans – Ann Taylor

          Buckled Loafers – Asos

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