Speaking Engagement @ CGS C/O ’15 Commencement: Overcoming Adversity In Fashion


Hey darlings!

Remember in the last post when I spoke about a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY I had a week or so ago but didn’t have time to blog about it? Well, uh ahem. Let me be the first to tell that I was the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the Contemporary Guidance Services Training School Class of 2015 on March 19th! It was SUCH an unexpected milestone in that I never ever imagined being a keynote speaker at someone’s graduation. If you would’ve told me this was in my future, I probably would have laughed in your face! Why? Because growing up I was always afraid of speaking before people because of my speech impediment due to my hearing impairment. But, two Thursdays I proved to myself how indestructible I really am by standing before those amazing graduates with their family and friends speaking about how I overcame my obstacles and challenges and provided tools for how to overcome THEIRS. This was a MAJOR accomplishment for some of these students, if not all, because many of them have an impairment, whether it’s learning, hearing, or vision.  There are some students with a mental illness and some with a history of substance abuse, so it was an honor for me to speak to them about overcoming my adversity (my hearing impairment and suffering from low self-esteem) to pursue my dreams in modeling and music. In essence, it was an awesome moment and below you can see pictures from the commencement and a short video clip to inspire you! And of course, I brought the fashion to the commencement ceremony! Be inspired 😉

Attire: Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Shoes – Bakers

For any booking inquiries, be sure to email me at amodeloflife@yahoo.com.

Here’s a mini video clip of insight that I shared! (I’ll be uploading a longer video clip of my speech soon, so stay tuned 😉 )


 Posing with some of the graduates! They were SO proud!


 What’s life without a group selfie with one of the graduates and her friends?! 😉



 The back of this beautiful dress! Stunning! Designer Byron Lars did it AGAIN! That’s why I always go to him for special occasions and so should YOU!

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