Chic – Ness in the Rain


    Although I hate the rain, it doesn’t stop me from looking chic in it! This morning, I woke up (in a rush of course smh) in a tomboyish mood, but didn’t want to complete a full tomboy look, so I threw on this frilly skirt to add a touch a feminity to my look. This SICK bomber jacket sets the tone especially with “New York” written on the back of it. And of course, today’s rainy forecast called for my messy bun – my go-to hairstyle! Thankfully, I came prepared and packed my umbrella which brought my look to life for the rain!! A bold colored umbrella is always the key to standing out. So darlings, if you ever find yourself entering the rain, you can still keep it chic! Be inspired 😉 


 Attire: Bomber jacket – Mango

             Skirt: Forever21

             Boots – Target

            Umbrella – I found it laying by itself, it was a lost umbrella looking for its new owner, ME lol 


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